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The UAE has a vibrant mix of cultures, and the country is made up of 88% expats! This makes the UAE a global hub for business and lifestyle. 

Cities like Dubai, with a population exceeding 3.69 million, offer a thriving market. Plus, the UAE’s tax-friendly environment (no personal income tax) and youthful, tech-savvy population create the perfect launchpad for your innovative ideas. Moreover, it is renowned for its safety and strategic location at the crossroads of East and West. The UAE boasts world-class infrastructure and a well-rounded life for residents. 

Many entrepreneurs are drawn to the UAE not just for its business potential, but also for the chance to build a life there. Recognizing this, the UAE introduced lifetime residency visas for eligible individuals. Now, designated government-free zones like RAKEZ (Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone) are following suit with even more attractive options. This focus on long-term residency reflects the UAE’s commitment to attracting and retaining talented entrepreneurs, fostering a thriving business environment for everyone.

So, if you are interested in knowing how you can get a lifetime investor visa with your Free Zone business setup – then RAKEZ is the answer!

What is the RAKEZ Lifetime Investor Visa?

The RAKEZ lifetime investor visa or the RAK visa for life program as the name suggests permits residency for a lifetime in the UAE. It goes beyond just residency – it lets you build a life in the UAE. 

While the RAK Visa for Life program requires a renewal every two years, there are no associated renewal fees. This will allow you to enjoy a more stable and secure long-term residency status in the UAE. You can focus on building your business and life without worrying about visa expiration. It also provides unparalleled freedom of movement.  There’s no limit on how long you can stay outside the UAE, unlike other residency options. This flexibility allows you to travel freely for business or pleasure without jeopardizing your residency status.

7 Reasons Why the RAKEZ Lifetime Investor Visa is Your Key to the UAE Dream:

Reasons | RAKEZ Investor Visa

1. Bring Your Family:

No need to leave loved ones behind! This visa allows you to sponsor your spouse and children for UAE residency, fostering a strong family life. Plus, there’s no age limit for dependents!

2. Entrepreneur Haven:

Spark your entrepreneurial spirit with competitive residency costs, a streamlined setup process, and no initial capital requirement. Get your business booming in the UAE!

3. Hassle-Free Application:

Ditch the paperwork! The user-friendly online platform makes applying for your visa a breeze. Submit your request directly on the official website – no third party is needed.

4. Financial Freedom Awaits:

Build your financial future with ease. Open a UAE bank account, explore investment options, or even get a personal loan – the RAK Visa unlocks your financial potential.

5. World-Class Healthcare & Education:

Enjoy peace of mind with access to exceptional healthcare and top-rated educational institutions. Your family’s well-being is covered.

6. Travel the Globe with Ease:

Say goodbye to visa applications! Several countries, including Georgia, Armenia, Maldives, and Seychelles, offer visa-free entry to RAK Visa holders. Explore the world with ease!

7. Enhanced Mobility:

Don’t be limited! A UAE residence visa grants you the ability to obtain a driving license. Increase your mobility and open doors to professional opportunities within the emirate.

The RAKEZ Lifetime Investor Visa offers a comprehensive package for your life and business goals. Long-term residency, family sponsorship, and a host of other benefits pave the way for a fulfilling future in the dynamic UAE.

Documents You Will Need to Submit for Your RAKEZ Lifetime Investor Visa Application:

  • Three proposed company names (in order of preference) – have a few catchy options ready!
  • Copies of passports for all shareholders and the general manager.
  • Copies of any existing visas, past visit visas, entry stamps, and exit stamps for shareholders and the general manager.
  • Your home country address for reference.

Tip: Gather all your documents electronically in advance for a smooth online application process.

How Much Does the RAKEZ Lifetime Investor Visa Cost?

The RAKEZ Lifetime Investor Visa offers exceptional value, with a competitive fee starting at AED 16,500. There are no hidden charges involved!

Even better news!  You can apply for the RAKEZ Lifetime Investor Visa for a reduced fee of AED 12,000 as a limited-time offer only with CorpCreators. Additionally, installment plans are available to make the investment in your company’s share capital (minimum of AED 1 million) more manageable. 

How to Get a RAKEZ Lifetime Investor Visa?

Here’s a breakdown of how to secure the RAKEZ Lifetime Investor Visa:

Step 1: Gather Your Documents

Company Information:
  • Prepare three proposed company names (listed in your order of preference).
Applicant Information:
  • Copies of all shareholders and the general manager’s passports.
  • Copies of any existing visas, past visit visas, and entry/exit stamps for shareholders and the general manager.
  • Your home country address.

Step 2: Apply Online

Head to the official RAKEZ website ( Look for the visa application section or specific information regarding the RAKEZ Lifetime Investor Visa.

Step 3: Complete the Online Application

The user-friendly online platform will guide you through the application process. Fill out all the required information and upload the electronic copies of your documents.

Step 4: Submit Your Application and Fees

Once you have reviewed your application for accuracy, submit it along with the required fees. The RAKEZ website should provide clear instructions on payment methods.

Step 5: Await Processing and Approval

After submitting your application, RAKEZ will review your documents and initiate the processing procedures. This may take some time, so be patient.

Step 6: Receive Your Visa and Emirates ID (if approved)

Upon approval, RAKEZ will inform you and guide you on how to collect your official visa and Emirates ID.

Free Zone Business Setup in RAKEZ Can Be Easier with CorpCreators:

If you require further assistance, have specific questions regarding the RAKEZ Lifetime Investor Visa, or just want to make the entire process easy – contact CorpCreators.

Remember, securing a visa can involve legal matters. While this information provides a general guide, it’s advisable to consult with a professional for personalized advice tailored to your specific situation. So, Unlock your entrepreneurial potential in the UAE. Contact CorpCreators to learn more about RAKEZ’s lifetime investor visa, business setup in Dubai, or any other information related to company formation in the UAE.

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