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At Corp Creators – our success lies in our close collaboration with all government authorities in the UAE. This partnership ensures a seamless and lawful Dubai Mainland Company Setup experience for our clients.

Why Choose a Dubai Mainland Company Setup?

Dubai Mainland allows businesses to operate under the license of the Department of Economic Development (DED). Opting a Dubai Mainland Company Setup for your business offers various advantages, including unrestricted trading both locally and internationally, applying for unlimited visas for employees with sufficient office space, expanding branches across Dubai and the UAE, diversifying products and services, and bidding for lucrative government contracts. Additionally, the new law introduced in June 2021 allows for 100% foreign ownership in over 2000 commercial activities.


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Strategic Location

Dubai Mainland's strategic location at the crossroads of the East and West makes it a global business hub. Enjoy easy access to international markets, facilitating seamless trade and enhancing your business reach.

Company Setup in Dubai Mainland | Dubai Mainland Company Setup| Foreign Ownership

100% Foreign Ownership

Dubai's commitment to fostering business innovation is evident after introducing the new law in June 2021, offering 100% foreign ownership in over 2000 commercial activities. With transparent regulations and a supportive ecosystem, the business setup in Dubai Mainland ensures a conducive atmosphere for businesses to thrive.

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | Company Setup in Dubai Mainland | Diverse Economy

Diverse Economy

Mainland company formation in Dubai offers a diverse and dynamic economy, accommodating businesses across various industries. Whether in finance, technology, retail, or any other sector, Dubai Mainland provides a fertile ground for your business to flourish.

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai | Offshore Company Setup UAE | Regulatory Compliance

Infrastructure Excellence

Experience state-of-the-art infrastructure that rivals the best in the world. Company setup in Dubai mainland offers top-notch facilities, including world-class transport, communication networks, and modern office spaces, empowering your business operations.

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | Company Setup in Dubai Mainland | Skilled Workforce

Skilled Workforce

Tap into a pool of talented professionals from diverse backgrounds. Setting up a business in Dubai Mainland's multicultural environment provides access to a skilled, motivated, and international workforce, which is essential for the success of any business venture.

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | Company Setup in Dubai Mainland | Tax Benefites

Tax Benefits

Enjoy favourable tax policies with Dubai Mainland's business setup. Benefit from zero personal and corporate income taxes, providing a significant advantage for entrepreneurs seeking to optimize their financial strategies.

Instantly Calculate Your Dubai Mainland Business Setup Costs

Calculate your Dubai mainland company setup costs and get an accurate estimate, allowing you to plan your budget effectively and make informed decisions.

Your Application Process with Corp Creators

Step-by-Step Guide to Dubai Mainland Company Setup Application Process

Initiate your Dubai Mainland journey with a comprehensive preliminary consultation. Our expert team will engage with you to understand your business objectives, providing tailored insights and recommendations. This step lays the foundation for a strategic and customized approach to your business setup.

In this step, you will select your business activity from various options. Our experts will guide you through the available choices, ensuring alignment with your goals. This crucial decision shapes the nature of your business and its prospects in Dubai Mainland.

Choosing the proper legal structure is paramount for the success and compliance of your business. Corp Creators assist you in selecting the most suitable legal structure based on your business activity, providing a solid framework for your operations.

Your business identity begins with the trade name. Corp Creators facilitates the approval process, ensuring that your trade name complies with regulatory standards. This step is pivotal in establishing a unique and recognizable presence in the Dubai Mainland market.

Prepare for the documentation phase with the guidance of Corp Creators. Our team will assist you in assembling all necessary documents, streamlining the process, and ensuring that you meet all regulatory requirements as per the DED. This step sets the stage for a smooth and efficient application process.

Once all documents are in order, Corp Creators submit your application to the relevant authorities. We closely monitor the processing, ensuring your application moves swiftly through the necessary channels.

Upon approval, we facilitate the licensing process for your Dubai Mainland business with the DED. Corp Creators ensures that you obtain the required licenses promptly, allowing you to commence your operations legally and with confidence.

Celebrate the launch of your Dubai Mainland business confidently. Corp Creators provide end-to-end support, ensuring a seamless transition from setup to operations.

License types and activities

Corp Creators offers a diverse range of license types and activities to cater to the unique needs of businesses looking for company setup in Dubai Mainland. Here are some of the critical license types and associated activities available through Corp Creators:

Activities: Ideal for service-oriented businesses such as consultancy, law firms, and medical clinics.

Activities: Suitable for businesses engaged in trading activities, including import and export, retail, and general trading.

Activities: Designed for businesses involved in manufacturing, processing, and industrial activities.

Activities: Geared towards businesses operating in the tourism and travel industry, including travel agencies, tour operators, and hotel management.

Activities: Tailored for businesses engaged in real estate activities, such as property management, brokerage, and real estate development.

Activities: Specifically for businesses in the healthcare sector, including medical clinics, hospitals, and healthcare consultancy.

Activities: Suited for educational institutions, training centres, and academic consultancy services.

Activities: Designed for businesses involved in organizing events, conferences, and exhibitions.

Activities: Targeting businesses engaged in information technology, software development, and related services.

Activities: For businesses operating in the media and entertainment industry, including publishing, broadcasting, and production.

Activities: Tailored for individual freelancers providing professional services, such as writing, design, and consulting.

Activities: Ideal for businesses involved in online retail, e-commerce platforms, and digital services.

These are just a few examples, and Corp Creators provide comprehensive assistance in determining the most suitable license type and activities based on the specific nature of your business.

The flexibility in options ensures that your business setup aligns seamlessly with your industry and operational requirements. Contact Corp Creators today to explore the full range of license types and activities available for your Dubai Mainland Company Setup.

Process for
Dubai Mainland license

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | Company Setup in Dubai Mainland | Business Activity

Choose business activity

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | Company Setup in Dubai Mainland | Company Structure

Choose company structure

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai | Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | Name Approval

Get trade name approval

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai | Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | License Approval

Get initial license approval

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai | Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | External Approval

Get external approval (if required)

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai | Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | License Insurance

License issurance

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai | Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | Bank Account

Open company bank account

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai | Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | Card

Get establishment card

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai | Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | Labour File

Labour file

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai | Business Setup in Dubai Mainland | Process Visa

Process visa

Success Stories in Dubai Mainland Company Setup

I had the pleasure of partnering with Corp Creators to establish my mainland business in Dubai, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. From the initial consultation to the successful launch, Corp Creators demonstrated unwavering commitment, expertise, and a personalized approach that set them apart. Their support in the trade name approval process was seamless, and their expert team navigated the complexities effortlessly. The preparation of the Memorandum of Association and the requirement of a Local Service Agent were handled with utmost professionalism, making the entire process transparent and efficient.

[Tech Solutions LLC] Founder and CEO,
Company Setup in Dubai | Business Setup in Dubai | Testimonial 1
Explore Dubai Mainland FAQs

Starting a business in Dubai can be exciting, but navigating the process can feel overwhelming. Here are some frequently asked questions about Dubai Mainland company setup to help you get started, along with answers:

The process involves legal approvals, choosing a business activity, securing a local sponsor, obtaining initial approvals, drafting legal documents, and obtaining the trade license.

Legal requirements include drafting a memorandum of association, selecting a trade name, obtaining initial approvals, and fulfilling specific criteria related to the chosen business activity.

The cost of company setup in Dubai Mainland varies depending on your chosen business license type, office location, and additional services you might require. However, many service providers offer cost calculators on their websites to help you estimate the budget.

Yes, the minimum capital requirement for mainland company formation in Dubai depends on the chosen business structure. The typical range for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) is AED 300,000 to AED 3 million.

In specific business activities, foreigners can fully own a Dubai Mainland company. However, some sectors require a local service agent or partner. We recommend consulting with professionals to determine the specific requirements for your chosen industry.

Several legal structures are available for business setup in Dubai Mainland, including:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Branch of a foreign company

Choosing the most suitable structure depends on your business activities, ownership goals, and legal requirements.

While some activities may require special approvals, Dubai mainland offers a diverse range of business activities with fewer restrictions compared to free zones.

The timeline for mainland company formation in Dubai can vary depending on the complexity of your application and government processing times. It generally ranges from two to four weeks. However, seeking professional assistance can help streamline the process.

Yes, having a physical office space in Dubai Mainland is mandatory for company setup.

Dubai Mainland company setup offers several advantages compared to other options:

  • Unlimited business activities: You have greater flexibility in your operations than free zones, which often restrict certain activities.
  • Broader market access: You can access both the local and international markets.
  • Ability to bid on government projects: This opens doors to lucrative business opportunities.

100% foreign ownership for specific activities: Recent law changes allow full foreign ownership for various commercial activities.

While certain activities require special approvals, Dubai Mainland offers a broader range of permitted business activities compared to free zones, with fewer overall restrictions.

Yes, one of the benefits of the Dubai Mainland company setup is the ability to engage in multiple business activities under a single license, streamlining your operations. However, certain restrictions and limitations might apply depending on the specific business activities you choose to combine.

The required documents for company setup in Dubai Mainland include:

  1. Business plan
  2. Passport copies of shareholders
  3. Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  4. Additional specific documents based on your business type

Consulting with professionals can ensure you gather and prepare all the necessary documentation accurately and efficiently.

Annual renewal requirements include renewing the trade license, updating any changes in the company’s structure, and renewing the lease agreement for the office space.

Many service providers offer ongoing support after mainland company formation in Dubai to help you navigate annual renewals, business advisory services, and compliance with local regulations.

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