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Ready to transform your HR strategy? Contact us – the best HR consultancy services in the UAE, and let us take your organization to unprecedented heights.

Corp Creators takes pride in offering all-inclusive and comprehensive HR services, aiming to simplify and enhance your HR processes while ensuring legal compliance and fostering a positive employee experience.


At Corp Creators, we are your partner in achieving incomparable HR excellence! As a leading business setup service provider in the region, we intend to offer you all-inclusive services – which is why we take pride in offering an array of strategic and operational HR services, including HR training, technology, and digital transformation to empower your business setup in Dubai. Our HR outsourcing solutions in the UAE are designed to propel your organization’s growth to new heights.

HR Strategies

Moreover, we strive to work alongside our clients, curating and implementing practical, simple, and powerful HR strategies. We aim to transform talent into a valuable asset, maintaining compliance, and providing organizations with the competitive edge needed in the global market.

HR Consultancy in Dubai | HR Recruting | Onboarding

HR Recruiting, Onboarding & Documentation

At Corp Creators, our HR consultants take care of the initial employment phase, from recruiting to onboarding and documentation. We offered tailored assistance for a seamless and efficient HR process. From crafting personalized offer letters to coordinating necessary documents to providing support and facilitating visa processing, we take care of every detail.

HR Consultancy in Dubai | Compliance Services

Compliance Services

Our compliance services go beyond obtaining and renewing employee permits; we meticulously guide you through the complexities of maintaining compliance with the UAE labour laws. From managing visa documents to assisting with medical insurance, we ensure that your organization operates within the legal framework, fostering a secure and compliant workplace.

HR Consultancy in Dubai | Seperation Services

Separation Services

We are committed to handling the process with precision and empathy regarding employee separation. Our separation services encompass efficient visa cancellations, strict adherence to UAE labour laws, and facilitating end-of-service benefits. We understand the sensitivity of these transitions and aim to provide a smooth experience for both the departing employee and the organization.

Best Hr Consultancy in Dubai | Visa
Best Hr Consultancy in Dubai | HR
Best Hr Consultancy in Dubai | Documents


We understand that navigating HR requirements or finding the best HR consultancy in Dubai or across the region can be complex. So, we have compiled some HR related queries and common questions to clarify our offerings. If you have additional inquiries, contact our dedicated team for personalized assistance.

An employment contract must encompass crucial details such as the employee’s job title, responsibilities, compensation structure, working hours, and terms of employment. Corp Creators aligns your contracts with legal requirements, establishing a robust foundation for a transparent employer-employee relationship.

A limited contract has a fixed duration, typically for a specific project or period, while an unlimited contract has no predefined end date. Corp Creators help you choose the most suitable contract type for your business needs, considering factors like scope and long-term workforce planning.

End-of-service gratuity for a limited-term contract is computed by multiplying the employee’s last basic wage by the years of service. Our commitment involves accurate calculations, strict adherence to UAE labour laws, and providing a clear understanding of financial obligations upon contract completion.

A probation period is an initial period of employment during which the employer assesses the employee’s performance and suitability for the role. Corp Creators help you establish clear probationary terms, facilitating a smooth evaluation process to make informed decisions regarding continued employment.

Corp Creators specializes in tailoring employment contracts to your unique business requirements. Whether you need industry-specific clauses, confidentiality agreements, or flexible working arrangements, our team makes sure your contracts align with legal standards and meet your business objectives.

Absolutely! Corp Creators provides comprehensive guidance on structuring employee benefits and entitlements. From health insurance to leave policies, our expertise ensures your offerings are competitive, compliant, and contribute to employee satisfaction and retention.

Corp Creators places a high priority on legal compliance in all HR practices. Our team stays abreast of changes in UAE labour laws, conducts regular audits, and offers proactive guidance to align your business operations with the latest legal requirements.

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