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At CorpCreators, we’ve got your back for a low cost business setup in Dubai! With our extensive experience and proven track record, we serve as your trusted guide for business setup in Dubai or any other Emirates. We get the local laws and market conditions, ensuring you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information.

When it comes to costs, we keep it crystal clear – no hidden surprises. We understand that transparency is crucial for you, and rest assured we’ve got that covered. Our satisfied clients can vouch for our effectiveness, sharing positive reviews that underscore our robust reputation in the industry. But it’s not just about what we’ve done; it’s about what we can do for you.

We offer a broad spectrum of services, from company registration to licensing and visa processing. And here’s the special touch – our solutions are personalized just for you. We get that every business is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and goals.


It isn’t just our expertise but our commitment to making your business setup journey smooth and efficient.

Business Setup in Dubai | Business Setup Consultants in Dubai | Guidance

CorpCreators offer unmatched expertise, personally guiding you to tackle Dubai business setup challenges.

Business Setup in Dubai | Business Setup Consultants in Dubai | Custom Solutions

CorpCreators tailor services to your unique needs, confirming a custom business setup experience.

Business Setup in Dubai | Business Setup Consultants in Dubai | Transparent Costs

Unlike other business setup consultants in UAE, we keep costs transparent, eliminating hidden surprises and building trust.

Business Setup in Dubai | Business Setup Consultants in Dubai | Dedicated Support

With CorpCreators, you get a committed team and strong industry connections, securing a seamless setup journey.


We offer end-to-end services and simplify the process, allowing you to focus on your business goals.

Business Setup in Dubai | Business Setup Consultants in Dubai | Consultation & Planning

Discuss business goals and choose a suitable structure (LLC, Free Zone, etc.) with the consultant.

Business Setup in Dubai | Business Setup Consultants in Dubai | Documentation & Registration

Prepare and submit required documents, and complete registration with relevant authorities.

Business Setup in Dubai | Business Setup Consultants in Dubai | Legal Approvals & Licensing

Obtain necessary approvals and industry-specific licenses for business operations.

Business Setup in Dubai | Business Setup Consultants in Dubai | Post-Setup Services & Compliance

Set up a bank account, get visas if needed, and ensure compliance, while our consultants guide you through annual requirements and renewals.


We offer you a seamless integration of business setup services in the UAE so that your business not only establishes itself successfully but also grows and prospers at every step.

Business Setup in Dubai Cost | Best Business Setup Company in Dubai | Business Setup

From selecting the right structure to document preparation and licensing…

Business Setup in Dubai Cost | Best Business Setup Company in Dubai | Business Entities

We help you choose the structure aligned with your unique business objectives.

Business Setup in Dubai Cost | Best Business Setup Company in Dubai | Business Structure

Our experts consider the factors that influence the choice of business structure.

Business Setup in Dubai Cost | Best Business Setup Company in Dubai | Documentation

We handle the documentation process, expediting your business setup and easing your administrative burdens.

Business Setup in Dubai Cost | Best Business Setup Company in Dubai | Licensing and Permits

We simplify Dubai’s licensing system, securing the necessary permits for your chosen business activity.

Business Setup in Dubai Cost | Best Business Setup Company in Dubai | Bank Account Setup

Set up a local corporate bank account and streamline your financial transactions.


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CorpCreators helps with everything to set up your business in Dubai. We are a business setup service provider that offers you a complete range of business setup services such as licensing, public relations, company formation, and registration as well as furnished business centers in Dubai and UAE. Setting up a business in the UAE is an important decision and we help our clients make the best decisions at the most opportune time. We have helped register 1000s of companies in the UAE. Our clients save time, effort, and money while setting up their business in UAE.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) has played a central role in empowering the private sector that has diversified Dubai’s economic system. Because of this Dubai offers loads of business opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises / SMEs in Dubai. To find out the level of business opportunities in Dubai or to start a new SME company in Dubai at affordable costs contact CorpCreators. We ensure as an SME you can stay on a budget and that your business setup doesn’t break your bank. We know the ropes to keep it affordable and smooth. We advise you as well as build a path for you – so that you get the best opportunities on a budget.

While starting a business in Dubai you need to make some major decisions. This involves business plan, monetary investments, type of business activity, jurisdiction, financial policies, income structure, business licensing, documentation and the list goes on. Talking to an expert before starting a business can always be a wise decision. But why do you choose CorpCreators? and what makes them different? We are your go-to because we have a super-experienced team, provide you custom solutions, and a great history of helping businesses in Dubai. Ultimately, we at CorpCreators believe in offering wide-ranging company formation solutions, making setting up a business prompt easy.

Costs vary, but CorpCreators is upfront about everything. No hidden fees and transparency is what we promise! However, we also clarify the costs right from the beginning, because we realise that calculating the cost of the business and planning accordingly is a boon. Although the initial setup costs can be lower, there are several influences involved – such as getting permissions and certificates. There are also other associated costs such as visas and permits, monthly bills, maintenance costs, human resources costs, and other requirements according to your business. You can calculate the cost here or connect with us to get a customized quote.

Nope, CorpCreators believes in being crystal clear about costs. There are no surprises, just straightforward dealings.

Our CorpCreators team knows it all! They have been around the block, so you are in good hands. We are well-experienced and our company formation consultants , not only take care of the documentations or the paperwork involved but also nurture you and your business right from the start to the end. 

As an international investor, you can focus on capitalizing on the lucrative economic sectors in Dubai and across the UAE. However, unaware of the registration systems, licensing structures, business oriented jurisdictions, etc – we understand your plight and become your personal advisors.

CorpCreators has you covered all over the UAE – not just Dubai. Wherever you want to set up, they have got your back.

CorpCreators gives you a checklist of what you need. We keep it simple, so you are not drowning in paperwork. We take care of it from start to finish!

Company formation in Dubai Mainland could take a while if you do not have all the necessary paperwork and documentation approved by different government agencies. With CorpCreators, you can establish your business in the UAE in just three days. Company formation in UAE free zones can take 3-10 days. But CorpCreators works fast and keeps things legit. For more information and exact timeline, contact our consultants right away!

Dubai offers a highly diversified market with an outthrusting economic structure. If you are considering setting up a business in Dubai, you have made the right decision! Be it mainland business setup, free zone company, or offshore company formation; you need business setup services in Dubai to start your company correctly. Get in touch with CorpCreators – who understands and tailors solutions to fit your business – we know one size doesn’t fit all.

For sure! CorpCreators guides you through the whole licensing process. We have got the rules down. We understand that the procedure of getting a trade license in Dubai can be tricky if you do not have the right information at hand. 

In Dubai and across the UAE there are various industry-specific licenses. Professional trade licenses, tourism trade licenses, commercial trade licenses, and industrial trade licenses – are the most relevant ones used across all the companies in Dubai. 

A company needs to acquire a business trade license as per the nature of its business. Trade License is the most important aspect of attention during setting up a business in Dubai, for better understanding contact us now!

CorpCreators doesn’t just leave you hanging. We help you stay on the right side of the rules, even after your business is running.

We take privacy seriously. Your information is safe with us. We use secure systems and follow strict rules to keep everything confidential.

The UAE business landscape offers various legal structures, each tailored for different business needs. Choosing the right one is crucial for a successful setup, considering location, business goals, and market focus. Choices abound, from mainland options to specialized Free Zones, each with unique laws and regulations.

Types of Legal Structures in the UAE:

  1. Limited Liability Company (LLC): Allows local operations, requiring a UAE local national partner or alternative recommended options.
  2. Free Trade Zone: Ideal for 100% ownership but limits business to international dealings.
  3. General Partnership Company: Involves mutual consent between two to three shareholders.
  4. Partnership-in-commendam: Formed only by a UAE national.
  5. Joint Venture Company: A contractual agreement between foreign and local parties for specific business activities.
  6. Public Shareholding Company: Multiple shareholders with a mandatory 51% UAE national holding.
  7. Private Shareholding Company: Requires three shareholders who must be UAE or GCC nationals, with restrictions on professional activities.

Choosing the Right Legal Structure:

For personalized advice on the best legal structure matching your business activity while optimizing costs, taxes, and other expenditures, contact CorpCreators. Call us now!

At CorpCreators, we simplify the setup process of our clients’ bank accounts in Dubai. We streamline the application process with expert guidance, meticulous documentation support, and tailored solutions. Our direct connections with various banks, efficient communication, and compliance assistance ensure a swift and hassle-free experience. We prioritize time efficiency, maintaining transparency throughout, and offering post-setup support. Choose CorpCreators for a smooth and expedited bank account opening in UAE, allowing you to focus on your business priorities. Contact us today to get started!

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